Brussels: Cineville subscription allows individuals to watch unlimited movies

Belgium: Individuals who are having interest in watching films may now watch as many movies as they want in Brussels because of the Cineville subscription, which gives customers unlimited access to the city’s three theatres: Palace, Vendôme, and Cinéma Galeries.

The monthly cost of the movie subscription will only be €21 for individuals under the age of 26, or €18. Even if you only see the movies a few times per month, it’s still an excellent value because normal tickets for the participating theatres cost roughly €10. The pass can be cancelled with a month’s notice once the membership has been active for at least four months.

A fourth cinema, Kinograph in Ixelles, will be added to the list in autumn as well as organisers are convinced that other Brussels cinemas will join. They are also planning an expansion to arthouse cinemas throughout Belgium in 2023.

The movie subscription, which has been introduced in cooperation with Cineville in the Netherlands to increase attendance in arthouse theatres, will be based on an existing Dutch idea.

Cinemas have found it difficult to get customers back to the screens as the Covid-19 crisis impacted the cultural industry severely. The subscription hopes to draw fresh faces and a larger audience to the theatre.

On the Cineville Pass website, which went live in English, French, and Dutch on Tuesday, you may join and support indie films.

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