Belgians expect more insects this summer amid warm, wet spring weather: Reports

Following a spring with both wet as well as warm weather, many insects are expected this summer.

The Insect expects Peter Berx and professor of entomology Frédéric Francis (University of Liège) mentioned in the statement, “Due to the high temperatures early in the year like in southern Europe, there is an outbreak of mosquitoes and ticks.”

Temperatures above 25°C cause shorter development cycles in the mosquito, leading to large spikes. We also see larger populations of ticks.”

Most of the people in Belgium are anticipating the worst, and a quarter of Belgians expect more disturbances from insects compared to the previous year, as per to an annual survey by Vapona & Zensect.

Moreover, of the 1,000 respondents who took part in the survey, 45 percent of those going on holiday fear that insects will be a nuisance at their holiday destination.

The survey shows the insects most annoying to people are mosquitos (76 percent), flies (72 percent) and ants (56 percent). Ticks (38 percent), wasps (37 percent) and spiders (29 percent) are also an annoyance for people.

Four out of ten citizens of Belgium take the potential presence of insects into account when choosing a holiday destination. Half say they would never opt for a holiday if dangerous insects are at their destination.

Furthermore, increasing amounts of individuals are buying insect protection products. 62%oack it in their luggage, 29% bring protective clothing, and 14% take an electric sprayer with them.

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