Customers renting house via Airbnb are prohibited from hosting parties in homes they reserves

Customers who rent short-term housing on the worldwide platform Airbnb are permanently prohibited from hosting parties in the accommodations they reserve through the platform.

Because hotels were frequently reserved for lockdown parties during the Covid-19 outbreak, the firm had already imposed a temporary party prohibition.

Airbnb mentioned in the statement related to this step, “Over time, the party ban become much more than a public health measure. It developed into a bedrock community policy to support our hosts and their neighbours.” They added that the number of party-related complaints has dropped by 44% since the ban’s implementation.

The corporate statement seems to indicate that Airbnb draws the line at annoyance and complaints from neighbours, even if the platform does not define a party clearly.

Furthermore, hosts are no longer permitted to say that parties are allowed on their premises. Open-invite parties like those on Facebook have long been outlawed. Additionally, “party house” properties will still be absolutely forbidden.

In addition, about a 16-person occupancy cap that was in force during the pandemic will also be lifted, as the company believes that “responsible” family celebrations and group outings should remain possible.

Furthermore, violators run the possibility of being expelled from the site or suspended. Over 6,600 members had their memberships suspended for the same reason in the previous year.

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