Joe Biden to make his first Overseas tour !

With the recent announcements made by the White House Officials, it was clear that the President Joe Biden will be visiting Britain and Belgium. This is going to be the first foreign trip of the President taking place in the month of June. Notably, the Group of Seven Summit is going to commence from 11  to 13 June. Mr. Biden will be attending this Summit of world leaders in Cornwall, U.K. He will travel to Brussels, Belgium, for the NATO summit on June 14. Joe Biden is expected to address Bilateral meetings with the G7 leaders in the Uk.

All these pieces of information have been provided by the White House Officials. These meetings will also include the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Further, this is to say, Biden is also going to also meet bilaterally with NATO leaders. In addition, he will be participating in a U.S.–EU summit while in Brussels. Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, said in his statement, “This trip will highlight his commitment to restoring our alliances, revitalizing the Transatlantic relationship, and working in close cooperation with our allies and multilateral partners to address global challenges and better secure America’s interests.”

Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19, Joe Biden delayed all his overseas meets. However, he opted for the mode of Video Conferencing for the interaction with the leaders of Canada, Mexico, and Ireland. In the past last week, the President addressed the Prime Minister of Japan, Mr. Yoshihide Suga at the White House. Notably, this was Biden’s first in-person meeting occurring with a world leader since he took office. However, the USA’s Vice President, Kamala Harris is also expected to make her initial non- distant visit to Mexico in June and Guatemala. Thus, this will definitely let her efforts to highlight, leading to the administrative work on addressing the root causes of migration.

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