The humans trials of Pfizer’s Covid-19 pills!

With the recent updates provided by the Daily Telegraph, it is reported that the pharmaceutical company Pfizer has developed pills to cure Covid-19 infection. Thus, in order to keep a check on its reliability, the humans’ trials have begun.  This is to say, these pills will be a cure for COVID-19 available later this year, as predicted by Pfizer. So, dozens of volunteers have begun participation in initial trials for a pill. However, the trials are going to be held at two Pfizer locations. Notably, one out of which is in the US and the other in Belgium.  In addition, this will include about 60 volunteers aged between 18-60 years.

As per the report, the trial will be split into three phases spread over 145 days, with an extra 28 days tacked on the end for “screening and dosing.”  Further, this will also include several overnight stays for the participants. Professor,  Penny Ward, a visiting professor in pharmaceutical medicine, “If they have moved to this stage, they will be quietly optimistic.” Ward, who helped develop Tamil, an antiviral treatment against flu, “The question will be about how the drug is tolerated.” According to Pfizer documents cited by the British news outlet, this can be said the first phase will look at how well the new drug is tolerated.

There are significant side effects, and how people feel after taking it. The next phase will include multiple doses while the third will look into the influence of eating food at the same time. Thus, the participants could receive the guidelines such as to take a high-fat breakfast including the two eggs fried in butter, two strips of pork bacon. In addition, they can go for two slices of toast with butter, 4 oz. of hash brown potatoes, and 8 oz. of whole milk. Notably, all this must be consumed within the time span of 20 minutes.


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