Belarus: Woman dies after her hair got strangled in machine

In Belarus, a 21-year-old pregnant woman named Umida Nazarova had faced death during a job interview when her long hair was twisted into the machine at a Factory. As per the information provided by the report, her scalp went off in an extremely unpleasant way, and she died.

According to the reports, she was pregnant for around seven weeks, and she applied for the work at the Svarmet Factory in Borisov that created welding wire and electrodes.

Moreover, when she was at the place for the interview, at that point in time, her hair got tangled in one of the industrial machines.

However, during an interview, her mother shared the information about the incident that took the life of her daughter, “Her long hair was twisted around her neck, and she was pulled into the machine. The death she has faced is because of her own hair because if her scalp had not been torn off, she would have been strangled there and then by her own hair.”

She was removed from the machine, but she was not able to recover appropriately. Nazarova died in the hospital after around 20 days, and she had not developed consciousness and was died because of her severe wounds.

Her mother mentioned, “As per the doctors, her throat was badly injured.” After she was being transported to the hospital, she was still suffering from catastrophic injuries.

“We wanted to enjoy her wedding and collect a grandson/daughter from the hospital, and I was not expecting this for my child.”

Meanwhile, her father, Dmitry, mentioned, “The safety rules were broken they took two lives of the people (mother and child). She was pregnant for seven weeks. If they have noticed that she has long hair, so why did not they give her something to cover it?”

The Belarus Investigative Committee mentioned that the employee who was showing the machines and their workings to Nazarova paused to make a record in a register.

Further, the committee added, “After turning the head around, they saw a woman who was lying on the floor, and it was unconscious. Her hair was twisted around the machine.”

The head of the factory has been charged for not performing the duty properly due to a false and careless perspective that led to the death ok that 21-year-old lady.

For her funeral, all the expenses have been paid by the factory.

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