Belgium to ease COVID restriction, says Facon

On 11 February, Friday, the Consultative Committee of Belgium will have a conference, but before that, the Corona Commissioner named Pedro Facon has shared the information related to the easing up the regulations made to protect the individuals.

Moreover, the figures that have been shared represents a gradual decrease in the case of the COVID-19, and it has been constant for the past few days, which is also showing a positive trend.

Facon said that he totally agrees with the Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke that the COVID barometer code should be changed by observing the current situation on the coming 18 February Friday. It is currently in the red code, and it will be switched to orange.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Facon said during an interview, “We are in gradual schedule from red to orange. The majority of the individuals come together to work, and the everyday commute also causes saturation on public transport.”

Along with this, Facon added, it is too early to remove all the restrictions related to the COVID-19, for lifting up the mask mandate for the young ones is the risk-taking decision which is being forced by the education and youth ministers, but this can also be done slowly.

Furthermore, He said, “I believe the initial step could be that for some time we should put them to one side for the children in the primary institution. Afterwards, it should be considered for the secondary school children.”

Additionally, on Wednesday, according to the information provided by the Flemish Education Minister named Ben Weyts, the masks mandates will not be followed much in primary education as well as two of the schools have been closed because of the Covid outbreaks at the current state.

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