Intoxicated truck drive hits 31 cars, 3 injured in Germany

In Germany, a truck driver has ignored a red signal light and unbalanced a car that was at the crossroads in the process as well as the man continued to drive without stopping.

Moreover, on February 8, during the incident, there were three individuals who were a little bit injured, and there were almost 31 vehicles in the devastating situation towards Germany’s Fuerth.

As per the information provided by the officers, the driver of the truck was thoroughly drunk, and he drove the truck towards the very crowded parked cars after avoiding the red lights in southern Germany. The trucks pushed all the cars up to the building till all the cars went on fire.

Additionally, the police have mentioned in the statement after the truck crashed various cars towards the wall, some of them caught fire. All of the vehicles were in a devastating situation.

Furthermore, the crashes of the various cars in the front of the house, as well as the truck, have also caught fire. At that time, the house was evacuated.

On the other hand, a driver is 50-year-old a Turkish resident, and he has no permanent residence in Germany. He was under arrest on the scene. He has taken the risk of driving multiple times by the heavy intake of alcohol which has been checked on a breath alcohol test, as per the data provided by the police officials.

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