Belgium residents receive major diseases from contaminated water

Belgium: The residents living in the borough of Hodeige, around Liège, have raised complaints that they have been sick for about a week because of the water contamination.

Two broken anti-backflow valves allowed E. coli bacteria from human faeces to infiltrate the village’s water supply from a nearby treatment facility in the town of Oreye, making the water unsafe to drink. This was announced by Walloon Water Company (SWDE) on October 26.

The village’s second source of tainted drinking water on Sunday was also identified. This source was a “non-compliant installation” that was dripping filthy water into the distribution system.

Additionally, Thierry Missaire, the mayor of Remicourt, the municipality in which the borough is located, stated that “people have worsened and chronic symptoms and they have been ill for five to six days.”

Along with this, he continued by expressing his concern for the health of a number of residents who were impacted by the contamination of the water supply.

Despite the fact that the drinking water was poisoned when it was, locals have continued to become sick after drinking tainted water.

The Remicourt municipal officials met with representatives of the SWDE and the Regional Agency for Quality of Life (AViQ) on Monday to discuss how to handle the dilemma.

The AViQ is anticipated to report on its interactions with local physicians soon.

Furthermore, on Tuesday morning, a community information meeting was held to go through cleaning and disinfecting household items as well as the procedures for compensating and reimbursing people for expenses incurred as a result of the pollution.

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