Antwerp police recovers grenade, weapon from intercepted suspicious vehicle

Belgium: A handgun and hand grenade were recovered in a suspicious vehicle intercepted by the police official on Monday evening in the Antwerp district of Deurne, the Antwerp public prosecutor’s office confirmed on Tuesday.

About two male occupants of the vehicle of, ages 26 and 29, are currently under police interrogation and will soon be brought before an investigating judge, as per the reports.

It is believed that the suspects were planning other violent act or a grenade attack within Antwerp.

Along with this, the public prosecutor’s office has launched an investigation into the pair in relation to an attempted grenade attack against a building and violation of firearms laws, as well as potential links to criminal organisations.

However, the Federal Judicial Police official is conducting further investigations into the incident and exploring the pair’s link to the organised drug trade.

In addition, the car carring the plates with Dutch number, was flagged as part of an going on investigation by the Federal Judicial Police into narco-violence in Belgium.

The city in Belgium has become a battleground between rival drug gangs in recent years. The Criminals have carried out frequent grenade attacks against residential addresses as well as even assassinations.

The federal police officials of Belgium have vowed to crack down on these drug gangs, especially in light of an attempted kidnap plot against the Justice Minister of Belgium-which led to the arrest of atleast four Dutch suspects.

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