Belgium reports surge in hospitalization among 10-year old due to COVID

In Belgium, more than 800 children of the age of 10 infected with the COVID-19 infection have been admitted to the hospital. The rate of hospitalization among the young is much higher as compared to the people of the older age.

Moreover, from 17 January to 30 January around 823, the young one (below the age of 11) was hospitalized by getting infected by the COVID-19 infection. Small children are more likely to get infected by the disease as compared to senior ones.

As per the figure provided by the Sciensano figures reported by De Standaard, the hospitalized children are noticed as 0.8 percent, which is far more than as compared to the individuals of between the age of 12 to 17 as 0.1 percent. Meanwhile, 0.3 percent of the 18 to 64 years old infected people.

On Monday, a paediatric immunologist at the UZ Leuven, Isabelle Meyts, mentioned, “The image is very diverse. We mostly observe the children with the flu-like symptoms, including headaches and stomach aches.”

She further mentioned, “There are also the young one who is being treated for the other condition, and they become extra sensitive when they caught the COVID-19 infection.”

The virologist Steven Van Gucht mentioned, “They suffer from the high temperature or a strong cough, and they may typically go home after a few days in the hospital. Fortunately, severe side effects are uncommon.

The data depicts the information that the children get hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit, and there was around 4 percent (16) of the young ones that were infected by the COVID-19 and have been admitted in the hospital in the previous two weeks.

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