Belgium to relax travelling measures on COVID-19 for incoming passengers

In Belgium, on Friday, the travellers with the certificate, which includes the details related to the status of vaccination, recovery and the test while getting access into the country, will not have to be quarantined, and also they will not be tested during the arrival.

As per the information provided by the Interministerial Conference (IMC) on Health, the regulation that includes the testing and quarantine will be the first measure to be relaxed.

On Friday, it was declared by the Consultative Committee that the primary measures are going to be relaxed, it involves all of the travellers from all the natives of Belgium and outside, having a valid certificate will automatically release the responsibility of getting tested for COVID-19 on the day 1 or 7 after entering the country.

This was important for the individuals to show valid proof for getting access if they are coming from a non-EU red zone region.

Meanwhile, the people who do not have these certificates while they are returning back to the country and getting into the situation of epidemiological will face a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) or the PCR test on the first day after the arrival in Belgium.

However, these nations that are involved in the dark red colour code on the ECDC’s COVID-19 travel map, including the non-EU countries that are not in the safelist.

On Friday, the Consultative Committee has already made the decision that the people outside the nation always have to provide the information that they are appropriately vaccinated, recovered or have been tested for the COVID-19 recently with the negative test report before getting access in Belgium.

All the individuals and people with the latest travelling regulations will come into existence on Friday 18 February.

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