Belgium government invests €186,000 to take down child abuse images from internet

Belgium, Europe: There is an “alarming increase” in child abuse images and videos, which has been noticed over the previous years. In response to this, the Federal Government is allocating an extra €186,000 to help take down these images.

There is a foundation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children that has received a record number of 2,147 reports of sexual abuse images of minors through a website in the previous year. There is an increase of over 50 percent as compared to 2019 (1,414).

At the time of the lockdown period in 2020, the reports were increased to three times.

Moreover, in the report, the Federal Justice Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne stated, “Every year, we see the rise in the number of reports of images of child sexual abuse on the internet. That is a very disturbing development.”

The competent services give it a try to remove all those images from the internet as fast as possible and to help identify the victims and perpetrators.

Along with this, there are some powerful digital tools, including Arachnid, that can help the people in this related. The Justice Department is allocating extra resources as well as investing €186,000, and he made the announcement.

An arachnid is an innovative tool that detects and reports abuse images and is used worldwide by specialized services to fight against child abuse images. It has already detected 11 million abuse images and had them removed by providers.

The tool also makes it possible to identify better victims as well as pass on the suspects’ data to the competent authorities for prosecution.

Furthermore, Van Quickenborne stated, “This will increase the capacity tenfold, from analysing 40,000 images annually to 430,000 images. This will help them act faster, take the images offline, be more humane by tracing victims, and be stricter against the perpetrators.”




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