Belgium Embassy in China hosts workshop on biodiversity for gardeners, aims to secure environment

Belgium: With the support of the Beijing University Shan Shui Conservation Center, the Embassy of Belgium organized a workshop on biodiversity for gardeners of diplomatic compounds.

The discussions aimed at exchanging good practices and identifying areas of improvement in order to make diplomatic gardens and compounds welcoming spaces for flora and fauna of Beijing.

Along with this, this event aims at implementing the guiding principles agreed by the new Ambassadors for Nature network, created in July 2022 at the initiative of the Ambassador of New Zealand to China.

The senior gardeners and ground keepers and Beijing University Shan Shui Conservation Center identified some challenges and ideas on how to improve biodiversity conservation of greenspaces. For example, monitoring and keeping records of animals and insects in gardens can help better tailor landscape to the fauna and flora composition.

In addition, choosing native species and food source plants also contributes to the natural sustainability of the ecosystem, and so does designating “rewilding” areas in each Embassy’s garden, where spontaneous plants are left intact.

Building insect hotels and placing them in sunny places of the garden is another example of actions that can be taken.

Furthermore, at the Embassy of Belgium, we will do our best to implement the recommendations drawn by gardeners and the Beijing University Shan Shui Conservation Center. “We also encourage all embassies and diplomatic missions to join us in our collective efforts.”

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