Belgium earns €11 million as personalized vehicle plate

In Belgium, in 2021, the nation has gathered around €11 million from the owners of the vehicles as they were anything willing to pay for their name of any personalized message on the vehicle registration plate.

Moreover, in the previous year, around 11,021 Belgian vehicle owners have paid more than €1,000 to have a federally issued plate which includes a message on their vehicles which has set a record of the high amount spent by the individuals on their cars.

The fees do not include the money for the plate, which is €30.

As per the data provided by the source, in 2019, the authorities of Belgium has prepared over 6,500 new personalized vehicle registration plates.

According to the reports, in 2015, the Minister of Mobility has increased the amount of the individual renovation of the vehicle, which was €2,000, but the order has been decreased to 2,000 requests every year.

Additionally, the price was decreased to €1,000 in 2015, by which the price was primarily increased among the lavish car owners.

As per the information provided by FPS Mobility and Transport, there were a total of 36,265 cars to have personalized number plates. Over 30,000 of the number plates are on the passenger cars.

Afterwards, in 2017, the amount was decreased to €1,000, and the demand was more among the luxury car drivers. In addition, there were more than 36,265 Belgian vehicles which were having a personalized number plate.

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