Europe could witness a possible surge in COVID-19 cases: WHO

On 3 February Thursday, in Europe, the World Health Organization has made a statement in which they have mentioned that since the pandemic has started, the cases of the COVID-19 have been registered as 12 million.

Moreover, as the Omicron variant is highly transmissible, the people getting affected by the variant has set a record of the high number of infected people from the last week. The majority of the individuals getting infected by the infection is because of the COVID-19.

The spread of the virus is heading towards the West to the East. The World Health Organization/Europe Regional Director, Dr Hans Henri P. Kluge, mentioned in the press gathering, “Right now we have around 150 million recorded cases of the variant of COVID-19 Omicron in Europe and Central Asia till date.”

There is 22 percent of the test which have been reported as positive. The number of individuals getting admitted in the hospitals is continuously increasing. The rate of hospitalization is rising primarily in the areas where the intake of the vaccination is found lesser in the weaker sections of the population.

According to the sources, the number of people getting hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit is not increasing yet. The casualties across the nation has been started to get level high ground.

Currently, the COVID variant cases had reached the same level as before when the pandemic was started.

On 1 January Tuesday, the Director-General of the World Health Organisation, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, mentioned, “It is the time when we can not even surrender or declare victory as by looking at the current situation of the COVID-19.

“More spread of the variant refers to more deaths. We are not saying that the other nations to resume the lockdown. Still, we want the nation’s authorities to protect the individuals by using all the necessary equipment required and not treating vaccination as the only tool to protect the people from the COVID variant. This infection is dangerous.” The World Health Organisation is figuring out which sub-lineages of the Omicron variant are of concern, including the new variant of COVID-19-BA.2.

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