Germany to impose new COVID rules for travellers

With the recommendation of the European Commission, the officials of Germany have made the decision to reduce the validity of the vaccination certificate for only 270 days.

According to the reports, on 1st February, the new rule related to the vaccination came into account, which stated that it is also affecting the individuals travelling in Europe.

The Commission was introduced at the beginning of February month, and the European Union Member States has declared the approval of 270 days for vaccination certificates.

The direction comes into existence to coordinate travel measures in the face of the COVID-19 infection and make travelling easy and less complicated.

The individuals travelling to Germany will have to show valid proof of the status of the vaccination dose against the COVID-19, including when the last time they received the vaccination jab in between the 270 days.

Furthermore, if the person has been received the shot for over 270 days before he reaches Germany, he will still be mentioned as an unvaccinated person. It is mandatory to have the vaccination shot in 270 days to visit Germany without interruptions.

The German officials have not shared more information related to the booster shots yet and at what time the person should have a shot.

Along with this, the booster jab is the third vaccine that is given to the individual after the primary course of the vaccination is completed.

The recovery of the certificates has also been reduced in Germany.

As per the information provided by the German disease prevention and control, Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the duration of the recovery certificate is only valid till the period of 90 days.

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