Belgium: Chance, Animal Shelter introduces dog named Raga

Antwerp, Belgium: Chance, Animal Shelter, Charity organisation in Belgium, introduces a dog named Rada, a two-and-a-half-year-old. She was found as a small puppy, and the volunteer of the organisation carried her everywhere in her backpack.

They shared the information through the official social media account and highlighted in the statement, “Rada, +/- 2 years old. Backpack dog. Rada was found to be a small puppy, and until she grew up, our volunteer carried her everywhere with her in her backpack.”

The dog, “Rada”, believes in people as well as loves everyone. She lived in the Kherson shelter throughout the war. At the first opportunity, they took her out of the war zone. Currently, Rada is in Lviv, Ukraine.

Along with this, she takes beauty procedures, waits for the documents as well as prepares for a new life. The name of the dog, Rada, means joy in Slavic languages. This is a dog that will bring joy to the homes of the people. The dog is a little smaller than a shepherd dog.

They highlighted the statement, “Let joy come into your home! Rada can be taken for temporary care with subsequent adoption if you fall in love with each other.”

On the other hand, the Chance, Animal Shelter, Charity organisation also found another dog, who is also ready for adoption.

They stated, “Tomorrow, our Alisa is coming. Surprisingly. Mix of teckel. Really home dog. Who needs a companion for the New Year? We are looking for a foster for a week.”





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