Belgium Carnival reports significant hike in overnight stays: Report

In Belgium, the carnival has been started, and the maximum number of overnight stays has been increased. It has reached the level of the year 2019, which was the pre-coronavirus.

As per the information provided by Tourism Flanders, individuals from Belgium have booked more stays overnight. On the other hand, the number of visitors from nations has also increased gradually. It is a sign of the betterment and hope of the tourism industry in the region, as, during the pandemic, it was completely shattered.

The Tourism Minister of Flemish named Zuhal Demir mentioned, “For two years, dark clouds hung over our tourism sector. But slowly, the silver lining is becoming visible. These figures confirm that we are gradually climbing out of the doldrums.”

She further said, “We’re not there yet, but it is a great boost for the many tourism entrepreneurs in Flanders who have had, and often still have, a hard time.”

Moreover, as the travelling restriction is getting relaxed, the people are more comfortable travelling to the places, and the epidemiological situation of Belgium is constantly improving.

Along with this, the increase in the count of domestic visitors overnight has risen by around 42 percent than in 2019. Meanwhile, the foreign visitors are still showing a downward trend by 24 percent, but it has been observed that the figures are showing the improvement in the tourism sector, in the previous holidays there were not many visitors, including Christmas, the visitors were 28 percent less than in 2019.

Demir mentioned, “Finally, our tourism entrepreneurs can also welcome foreign visitors again. We missed them enormously during the last two difficult years.”

Demir further added, “We know that our art cities took the biggest hit during the crisis because of the absence of foreign visitors. That is why last year we and Tourism Flanders launched a targeted campaign abroad to highlight their assets, and we are already seeing the first cautious results.”

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