Belgium: 50% of drivers do not use indicators while driving, says study

Brussels, Belgium: Around half of all of the drivers from Belgium do not use indicators, a recent study by Touring, the Belgian motoring assistance company, has discovered.

After studying vehicle lane changes at specific locations along the E40, E17, and E19, as well as Brussels Ring motorways, Touring concluded that, on average, four in ten Belgium drivers fail to use their indicators when leaving or entering a highway.

The same study also discovers that over half of all Belgians do not use their indicators when exiting a roundabout, despite this being a legal requirement since 2004.

Along with this, in an official statement, Touring expressed concern about the implication for road safety all over Belgium.

“This [failure to use indicators] is not only very irritating for other road users, but it can also compromise road safety when it is unclear whether the driver is going to change lanes or not.”

Though Touring is uncertain of the underlying causes for the lack of indicating, the company suggested that one reason why the drivers from Belgium are apparently so reluctant to use their indicators might be the fact that so many of them are distracted by their mobile phones, a phenomenon which is known to cause approximately 4,500 injuries as well as 50 deaths on Belgian roads every year.

Furthermore, a more straightforward explanation could simply be that Belgian drivers are unaware of the rules of the road.

The Touring study comes against the backdrop of an enormous increase in the number of traffic fatalities in Belgium over the past year, such as in the first half of this year, road deaths in Belgium increased by more than 40 percent compared to the same period in 2021, resulting in 231 people losing their lives.

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