Belgium: 30 detained in drug trafficking

In Belgium, the police officials have arrested 30 individuals at the time of investigation of a significant drug trafficking operation in around seven nations. As per the information provided by the prosecutors on Tuesday, more than ten arrests were held abroad.

Moreover, the police officers brought off 49 searches all over the nation. The majority of investigations were organized in and around the port city of Antwerp and Brussels.

The prosecutors have not yet revealed the information about what they have seized during the operation.

According to the prosecutor’s office, “The Liaison officers from Europol, Italy and Spain were capable of following the operation live and sharing the data related to the simultaneous operations in other nations.” There were further search operations held in Spain, Italy, Germany, Croatia and the Netherlands, and it was more than 60 searches.

However, the nation has become the central hub for trafficking drugs into Europe. Thousands of containers reach Antwerp on a per-day basis.

The port city of Antwerp is one of the cities in Europe which have access to cocaine in a large amount.

Meanwhile, the prosecutors mentioned during an interview introduced two years before discovering an international drug trafficking network that involved the individual who is originated, mainly from Eastern Europe.

The majority of the suspects lived in the Brussels district. According to the prosecutors, the organization has the selling points near the Antwerp port, where the cocaine reaches from South America.

To deliver the drugs into Europe, the organization use the help of cargo planes or private jets along with the ship containers that are sent to Antwerp, Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Within 48 hours, all suspects were required to be presented in front of the investigating judge in charge of the case.

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