Belgium man arrested for killing 4 women in 2008 is freed now

In Belgium, a man named Osman Çallı, 63-year-old, has been under arrest and was suffering life imprisonment as he killed four women in 2008 and now he is released in Turkey after he was shifted to a Turkish jail in 2013.

Moreover, the man has killed his wife along with his sister in Gent city and in 2004, he murdered his ex-wife and the former mother-in-law in the Aalst city in the month of November.

Meanwhile, he also injured two of the men with the help of a gun. Çallı was further surrendered to the Belgian police after stating, “He restored his honour.”

By observing the incident that lasted for four years, in 2008, he was charged with life imprisonment. On the other hand, after a maximum of five years in prison, the 63-year-old man requested to pay the rest of the sentence in the Turkish jail, which is based on a right the “European Treaty on Transfers of Prisoners” that Turkey and Belgium signed in 1983 has presented him.

On 28 June 2013, he was further transferred to a prison in Turkey as well as his criminal record was obliterated in the nation a year later.

After spending his time for only three years in the cell, he was moved to an open prison in 2016, and he got a provisional released in 2019. Çallı was released in 2020.

However, Çallı’s attorney named Ergun Top shared the information by ensuring that his client was out of prison for the last two years.

A reporter said he had a word with Çallı over the phone call.

As per the data provided by the reporter, “I’m having an enjoyable time at the sun, sea and the beaches here. I have spent 15 years in jail. I have started a new life here, soon having a son. leave me alone.”

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