Austrian airlines cancels flights amid workers tests positive against covid-19

Austrian Airlines cancelled about 100 of the 700 scheduled flights to and from Vienna over the weekend after a significant number of workers reported having Covid-19, according to the reports.

Nineteen flights had to be cancelled on Monday as well. The airline reported that 150 flight attendants have already been employed to help with the high demand throughout the summer. It claimed that the weekend operations were also impacted by thunderstorms and an air traffic control strike in Marseille, France.

The business went on to explain that safety measures are being taken to prevent the cancellation of flights for customary holiday travel. Most of the disrupted flights are regional flights or flights to places in Europe like Berlin, Stuttgart, Zurich, Barcelona, or Sofia.

According to an Austrian Airlines spokesman, if a flight is changed, customers will be notified right away and, if feasible, rebooked on alternate routes.

Nevertheless, AUA advises travellers to check the status of their flights online at before departing for the airport.

According to the reports, Austrian Airlines and the Vienna airport had reassured travellers that they were ready for the summer.

According to the airport’s spokeswoman, the Austrian media said there were no concerns with staffing shortages. The number of passengers is presently between 65 and 70 percent of what it was in 2019. They currently have roughly 80 percent of the employees from before the epidemic.

Even though some employees left and others retired, Vienna Schwechat Airport claims there were no workforce reductions during the epidemic.

Additionally, Austrian Airlines declared that it has employed 150 additional cabin crew members for the spring and summer months and is “prepared to take off into a summer in full operation.”

Nevertheless, both businesses have issued warnings that issues may still develop. As an illustration, problems at other airports were cited as potential reasons for delays and cancellations.

“In Vienna, our partners and we succeeded, particularly through the instrument of short-time work, to keep as many personnel as possible in employment. But, unfortunately, this is not the case at many other airports we also serve,” says Austria Airlines spokeswoman Sophie Matkovits.

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