New Delhi, India, helps Sri Lanka airline, says CEO of aircraft Richard Nuttall

India: Nowadays, India plays an important role in Srilankan airlines, and now the CEO of the aircraft company, Richard Nuttall, interviewed the media in which he said New Delhi, India, helped the Sri Lanka airline's economic crisis.

Brussels airlines announce to repay emergency COVID loan

Brussels Airlines will pay back the emergency assistance it got from the State to get through the Covid-19 problem by the end of this year.

French aviation regulator DGAC urges to cancel flights after strike notice

Following the filing of a strike notice by air traffic controllers, the French aviation regulator DGAC requested that airlines cancel half their flights.

Lufthansa airlines announces about 2,000 flights from Frankfurt, Munich airports cancelled until August

The German-based airline Lufthansa made an announcement on Wednesday that 2,000 flights to and from Frankfurt and Munich airports will be cancelled until the end of August.

Austrian airlines cancels flights amid workers tests positive against covid-19

Austrian Airlines cancelled about 100 of the 700 scheduled flights to and from Vienna over the weekend after a significant number of workers reported having Covid-19, according to the reports.

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