British guy, 25, passes away after falling from Spain’s infamous Devil’s Pass

A 25-year-old British guy passed away after falling from Spain’s infamous Devil’s Pass mountain. Even the most experienced climbers have had tragic accidents on the Devil’s Pass, or Paso del Diablo, which is located between Mount Alliutz and Anboto.

According to the reports, the man’s identity has still not been revealed, and it has been believed that the man had fallen as he tried to reach a 4,367 feet limestone mountain peak in the Basque Country, which is known as Anboto.

It is suspected that because of the dire weather conditions caused the climber to fall as he attempted to navigate the exposed route, which is famous for issues to climb in wet weather.

According to reports, the 25-year-old was lodged at a motel with a friend in Eibar, a city located in the province of Gipuzkoa. In Basque Country, they climbed mountains. The 25-year-old lost contact with his climbing buddy on June 23, Thursday, and continued to climb the peak alone in bad weather.

Emergency services sprung into action to locate the young guy, and a nighttime search involving rescue dogs, helicopters, and the Red Cross was conducted to find him. The Ertzaintza Surveillance and Rescue Unit located his corpse on Friday with the aid of a helicopter.

As per the information, a spokesperson for the Ertzaintza police force mentioned in the statement, “Emergency services have located the body of the mountaineer who we had been searching for since Thursday evening. The alarm was raised around 8.30 pm, saying the 25-year-old had gone missing near the Alluitz mountain summit.”

“A police helicopter discovered his body in an area called the canal de Infernu Zubi, nearby the Alluitz peak, where it appears he could have suffered a fall,” the spokesperson further highlighted.

Furthermore, it is indicated that the man was on a tourist holiday.

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