Belgium businesses still maintaining COVID-19 measures in workplace

Brussels: A large number of Belgium businesses which is 75 percent, are still maintaining COVID-19 measures in the workplace, even though the government no longer obliges them to.

According to a survey of 1,061 entrepreneurs conducted by HR services group Liantis, over half, which is 53.3 percent of companies still provide disinfectants everywhere, 40 percent continue to focus on more and better ventilation and 28.8 percent focus on extra disinfection and cleaning of tables and desks.

The head of medical supervision at Liantis mentioned in the statement, “We are not advocating additional measures at all. But now that we see that the number of COVID-19 infections is rising, it is good that entrepreneurs maintain a number of measures.”

Moreover, “These measures do not require much effort but are very helpful. We clearly notice that disinfection or proper ventilation have become part of the daily routine.”

In the month of March this year, Belgium has switched to code yellow on the COVID-19 barometer. However, companies were still obliged to follow the measures from the guide, “Working safely during an epidemic or pandemic.”

Two months later, the government planned to lift all COVID-19 measures. Many entrepreneurs have decided to retain specific measures even after these obligations have lapsed. The majority of 51.1 percent of those who kept the measures in the place mentioned that they are doing so because they do not want people to be severely ill.

“Not unimportant: 40.3% say that the measures remain relevant, also in the future during the flu and cold season,” says Vanden Avenne. “It strengthens the feeling of safety and well-being. The possibility exists that after the pandemic, other viruses will also make their appearance. The reality that we already have a good basic level of hygiene is a good thing in any case.”

“A measure like wearing face masks is obviously much more drastic for people. Moreover, people longed for contact with colleagues again. With face masks, you miss a large part of the communication. It is therefore logical that employers do not enforce this en masse anymore if it is no longer required by law,” Vanden Avenne said.

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