Brussels expects change in traffic, certain streets will be prohibited for cars from Aug 16

Europe: With the introduction of the Brussels Region’s Good Move plan for increased mobility, certain main highways in the city will no longer be congested with traffic. According to the sources, the following streets will be off-limits to automobiles as of August 16. This will result in significant traffic impacts.

The improvements to traffic flow in the city centre will be made the starting on July 4.

Between Rue de la Loi and Rue de Louvain, there won’t be any more automotive traffic on Rue Royale in any direction, except for public transportation as well as priority vehicles. Offending cars will be caught on video automatically, and there will be traffic filters that only buses, trams, bicycles, and emergency vehicles may pass through.

To form a loop from Rue de l’Enseignement to Rue Croix de Fer, Place de Louvain will be enlarged. Driving on Rue du Congrès will be outlawed in both directions, with the exception of public transportation and priority vehicles, and bollards will be erected in front of the Paul bakery.

As previously decided by the district, Avenue de Stalingrad will become a one-way street.

Only emergency services will have access to the expanded Place de la Liberté in Brussels.

The adjacent Rue du Chêne, Rue de Etuve, and Rue de Villers will be connected to the historic centre, and Place de la Vieille Halle aux Blés will be pedestrianized like other areas of the center.

There will be separate bus lanes and limited access for emergency services throughout the pedestrianized section from Square Marguerite Duras to Porte du Rivage and the link to the skatepark.

While maintaining access to garages and emergency services, the centre berm on Rue de la Senne will broaden, and a new plaza will be created.

In an effort to cut down on speeding, the Rue des Foulons will have one-way traffic in the opposite direction of the Rue du Vautour.

Between Saint-Christophe and Van Artevelde, the Rue des Riches-Claires will become a school street, making it a pedestrian and bicycle-only zone.

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