Winter Delights in Brussels: Indoor Activities to Embrace Season

Brussels, Belgium: As winter takes hold in Belgium, transforming the landscape into a picturesque snowy wonderland, Brussels offers a myriad of indoor activities for those who prefer the warmth and coziness of indoor spaces. 

From cultural festivals to acrobatic performances and art exhibitions, the Belgian capital has something to captivate everyone’s interest this weekend.

Arts, Music, and Culture:

Frank Zappa Festival at Bozar, December 2-3:

The Bozar Centre for Fine Arts is hosting a two-day celebration commemorating the 30th anniversary of the legendary American musician and composer Frank Zappa’s death. 

The event includes talks, concerts, films, and an exhibition featuring iconic photographs from Zappa’s 1970 concert at Bozar. 

The documentary ‘Zappa’ by director Alex Winter, crafted over six years using extensive archive material, will be screened, followed by a panel discussion on Zappa’s extraordinary life.

River Jazz Festival, Until December 9:

Brussels resonates with the smooth melodies of contemporary jazz during the River Jazz Festival, showcasing 17 concerts across three venues. 

The event kicks off with Easy Swing’s ‘Swing Party,’ transporting the audience back to the heart of Harlem in the 1920s and 1940s. Pianist and singer Grégory Privat will grace the stage on Saturday with subtle notes of Afro-Caribbean culture in his music, promising an immersive jazz experience for enthusiasts.

‘The Burn of Awakening’ Art Exhibition at Galerie Templon, Until December 23:

Explore the dystopian universe of Belgian artist Antoine Roegiers in his exhibition ‘The Burn of Awakening.’ Through over a dozen oils on canvas, Roegiers invites visitors to contemplate a poetic and sometimes humorous world that reflects on today’s societal issues. 

The exhibition, addressing themes such as the climate emergency and appearance-driven societies, provides a thought-provoking artistic journey.

Out and About:

‘Dans ton cœur’ at Halles de Schaerbeek, Until December 3:

Director Pierre Guillois brings everyday life to the ‘Dans ton cœur stage,’ where ordinary situations spiral into acrobatic chaos. 

The talented 12 acrobats and musicians of Akoreacro seamlessly blend familiar gestures with breathtaking pirouettes, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. 

After the Saturday show, Akoreacro artists will continue the festivities with a concert featuring percussion, piano, violin, double bass, saxophone, beatboxing, and backing vocals.

Colonial Pavilions Exhibition at Design Museum Brussels, Until December 8:

Delve into the past with Laeken Découverte’s exhibition on the colonial pavilions of Congo and Ruanda-Urundi displayed at the 1935 and 1958 Brussels World Fairs. 

Exploring the role of these pavilions in Belgian colonial propaganda, the exhibition sheds light on the representation of Africans at these historic gatherings. 

From architectural insights to the portrayal of colonial Belgium leading up to Congolese independence, this exhibition offers a comprehensive view of Belgium’s enduring ‘colonial culture.’

‘Cinema Med,’ Until December 8:

Film enthusiasts can embrace the rich cinematic offerings of the Brussels Mediterranean Film Festival, ‘Cinema Med.’ Now in its 23rd edition, the festival showcases films from countries around the Mediterranean Sea, promoting multiculturalism and addressing essential themes. 

Various arthouse cinemas and cultural centers across Brussels, including Cinéma Palace, Cinéma Aventure, and Bozar, will host screenings, providing a cinematic journey through the diverse cultures of the Mediterranean region.

As winter unfolds its charm in Belgium, these indoor activities in Brussels promise a weekend filled with cultural richness, artistic exploration, and entertainment for all. Whether escaping the cold or seeking vibrant cultural experiences, the capital has curated diverse events to suit every taste.


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