WHO highlights ‘encouraging early signals’ of a slowdown in monkeypox outbreak

The World Health Organization-WHO European Regional Office has noted “encouraging early signals” of a slowdown in the monkeypox outbreak in Europe but cautions that not enough has been done thus far to stop the virus’s spread.

The director of the World Health Organisation for Europe, Hans Kluge, mentioned on Tuesday during a press briefing on the epidemiological situation, “There are encouraging early signs, as evidenced in France, Germany, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom and the other nation that the outbreak may be slowing.”

He mentioned to proceed toward eradication in our region, “We must nevertheless rapidly boost up our efforts.”

Mr Kluge asserts that the virus can no longer spread from person to person.

According to the Belgian UN official, there have been 22,000 cases of monkeypox infections in 43 countries in Europe, “representing more than a third of the global number.”

This week, WHO Europe released a number of suggestions for using vaccinations and controlling the monkeypox pandemic. Kluge advised all nations to take a number of steps whether they had cases or not.

Males who have sex with other men, frequently with various partners, are the major targets of the present epidemic. The regional director emphasised that efforts in prevention and response must be concentrated in this area with the full collaboration and participation of the community itself.

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