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Dementia cases continue to rise across globe, says WHO

A public health priority for the WHO, dementia affects 50 million individuals in the entire world as well as every year.

Brussels: Doctors to prescribe free visits to museums located in city

The doctors can prescribe free visits to museums located in the City of Brussels as a part of a pilot project aimed at giving vulnerable people access to culture.

Winter may hike COVID infection, hospitalisation, deaths, says WHO

Although the most recent high of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations is just behind us, the World Health Organization (WHO) cautioned.

WHO highlights ‘encouraging early signals’ of a slowdown in monkeypox outbreak

The World Health Organization-WHO European Regional Office has noted "encouraging early signals" of a slowdown in the monkeypox outbreak.

US , Europe worst hit by Monkeypox , says WHO

The Director General of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has said that 95% of cases of Monkeypox happen to be in United States.

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