UK: Funeral rituals of Queen Elizabeth II to last long for week

United Kingdom: Buckingham palace declared that Queen Elizabeth II died peacefully at 96 on Thursday afternoon.

After the death of the longest serving Monarch, her most senior son Charles, and the ex-Prince of Wales, will lead Britain in mourning as the new King and head of state for 14 Commonwealth realms.

Every detail, from the route her casket will take to the carols sung at her funeral, has been minutely analysed by generations of officials.

New King Charles will be formally proclaimed King on Thursday. The new King will also meet with the prime minister and the cabinet, the Archbishop of Canterbury, along with the Dean of Westminster.

On Saturday, The coffin travels from Balmoral to Edinburgh to lie at rest in the throne room at the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

While the early hours of Sunday, the new King, Charles, will journey to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, where his appearance is marked by the keys ceremony, in which the lord provost of Edinburgh hands over the sovereign the keys of the city.

On Monday, 12 September, The King will visit Northern Ireland. At Hillsborough Castle, the sovereign’s official residence in Northern Ireland, he has audiences with the first minister, deputy first minister, and the Speaker of the Northern Ireland assembly.

The coffin will be taken by hearse from St Pancras to the throne room in Buckingham Palace. After that, the casket will be carried to the Palace of Westminster for lying in the state.

For five days, the public will have a chance to pay their respects.

The King will travel to Cardiff, where a service will be held at Llandaff Cathedral. He will accept a message of consoling at the Senedd, the national assembly building, and at Cardiff Castle, will have an audience with the first minister and the presiding officer.

The King will attend the meetings with senior defence staff, the commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, the governors-general and the realm prime ministers on Thursday, 15 September.

Meanwhile, the final practices for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II will begin. The King has another audience with the prime minister.

In the evening, there is a reception for heads of state, governors-general, realm prime ministers and other visiting official guests.

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