Abducted boy may be killed in Belgium, but suspect brought it to Netherlands for dumping

The police authorities of Belgium reported an incident, where Dean Verberckmoes a four-year-old boy has been killed. The person who has been identified as suspect is Dave De K, who carried out the dead body to dump it in the Netherlands.

The police have performed the complete investigation on the apartment in Sint-Gillis-Waas, where the boy was kidnapped by the kidnapper D K, who used to live with his Dutch girlfriend Rony W.

Rony W. is also in the custody of the police, for her involvement in kidnapping and murder.

The Forensic Institute of Belgium has been working on the autopsy of the 4-year-old boy’s body, and the authorities have been waiting for the results of the autopsy. As per the officials of the institute, the results will be shared on Thursday.

The detectives are hoping about the kidnaper’s information that is imperative about the details related to the death of Dean. It is still a question that the child was already dead when the man brought him to the Netherlands and left the body of the boy in the parking lot nearby the Zeeland working island of Neeltje Jans.

In Amsterdam, De K will present himself in the court on Thursday, where the judge in the court of Belgium will decide on extraditing of the suspected man that whether he is accused or convicted of a crime.

In Belgium, De K. will be prosecuted. According to the Dutch and the Belgium Public Prosecution Services, “As both the victims, the next of kin as well as the suspected person holds the Belgian nationality,the prosecution by the Belgians is the most opportune.”

In Breda, the Public Prosecution Service stated, the investigation of the Dutch part will remain in continuation, and the results of the investigation will be shared with the Belgians.

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