Tour Guide Pamela shares glimpse of her 72nd day in Tegernsee

Europe: A tour guide in Singapore, Pamela “Pam Goes Travelling”, shared a glimpse of her 72nd day in Tegernsee, Bavaria, Germany.

It is a Resort town in Bavaria, also known as a spa town, and also the home to a former Benedictine monastery named Tegernsee Abbey.


Pam Goes Travelling took to her official Facebook account and highlighted, “Day 72 – The sun was up and instantly made Tegernsee picturesque.”

Her day 72 in Tegernsee was also her last day in which she was heading back towards Munich, Germany. She said, “Too bad that it was also the day that we had to head back into Munich, but I am glad to see the place not just in darkness or grey.”

It was the day that there was a house party going on in the evening, so she helped out a little with the cleaning in the room (because my hair was everywhere.) and in the kitchen prepping some of the finger food. ⁣

So yeah, it was my first house party, and it was actually quite fun to meet the people as well as just talking about random stuff.⁣

The entire day seemed to pass by in a flash, but one good thing about it is that she didn’t have to commute in the cold to get from the party to bed because by the time my battery was flat, all she did was to walk into the room and “zzz” almost immediately.

On the other hand, she also did a getaway hiking, she had a great experience.


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