Californians still aren’t getting COVID-19 vaccine despite outpouring supply!

The recent reports of San Francisco state that many people are still avoiding Covid-19 vaccination. Although the state offers a surplus supply of the Covid-19 vaccine, perceiving excess covid-19 vaccine and vacant appointments annoys  Dr. Aaron Ronald, a family physician. The doctor has been lobbying for doses to immunize his patients, many of who are low-income, immigrants, or elderly.

The San Francisco Bay Area doctor has more than 200 patients who have examined when he will provide vaccinations against Covid-19. One patient, who is 67, said he walked into a Safeway supermarket because signs said doses were available. Eventually, they said, ‘Oh no, they’re not really available. You just have to go online, just sign up online.’ It’s not something he does very easily,” said Dr. Roland, whose practice is in Burlingame, south of San Francisco. California, swimming in the vaccine, is in far better shape than just weeks ago when scoring an appointment was cause for celebration.

Today, Los Angeles, San Diego, and other popular counties are advertising that anyone can walk in for a shot, and the state is texting reminders that plenty of appointments are available. Rural Humboldt County even declined 1,000 extra doses last week due to lackluster demand. As per the reports, more than 18 million individuals of an estimated 32 million people, who are eligible for vaccine in California are fully or partially vaccinated. Further, this involves nearly half of the people in economically unshielded ZIP codes hardest hit by the Covid-19. In addition, 73 percent of residents are the one who age 65 and older. Notably, the most populous state of the country, like much of the U.S., appears to have hit a vaccine plateau.

Further, moving ahead, health experts say, ” it is going to take more efforts to reach the unvaccinated people.” However, this is to say, vaccination may not be a priority, or people may have questions that cannot be answered while making a vaccination appointment online.

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