Germany will receive over 40,000 vaccines against Monkeypox in early June, says minister

Europe: Germany is going to get 40,000 vaccine doses against the monkeypox in the early month of June, with about 2,00,000 more set to follow, the Health Minister Karl Lauterbach has made the following statement on Sunday after cases were reported in Munich and Berlin.

The Social Democratic minister made the statement that “40,000 units will be delivered in the first two weeks of June, and 200,000 more after that.”

He mentioned in the statement that he had signed the contract and that the ministry was waiting for the surety from the producer. “Still, I am very much confident that we will have these vaccines very soon.”

Moreover, Lauterbach has also added that till now, Germany does not have any of the vaccines in stock.

The minister has made the explanation that the vaccine called Imvanex is approved against monkeypox in the United States of America. While the vaccine is not specially geared towards the virus, it has been provided with some protection, mainly against severe symptoms.

According to Lauterbach, the perspective is always to be prepared in the case that vaccinating those who come in contact with infected persons becomes essential.

Along with this, following the first case of the monkeypox in Germany that was reported in Munich earlier this month, two of the patients were noticed in Berlin.

Lauterbach stated he does not expect the virus to turn into a new pandemic. While he highlighted that it was imperative to contain the spread, “I do not think that monkeypox really poses a threat in terms of pandemic- the potential is not there.”

Furthermore, on an annual basis, Hundreds of cases are reported on a daily basis in the west and central Africa annually.

Some of the cases observed outside Africa have all been associated with travel or contact with imported infected rodents.

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