“Good academic results could be a ticket to Brussels”, states intergenerational group

An intergenerational group from the entire province visited Brussels and Bruges was invited by MEP Anna Fotyga to a conference at the European Parliament on “Security of Europe 15 years after the Russian invasion of Georgia” and stated that good academic results could be a ticket to Brussels not as MEPs, but as participants of a study visit to the European Parliament.

 As per the reports, A dozen or more people, among them students from Pomeranian schools with good academic results, were given the opportunity to visit the capital of Belgium.

In addition to the conference, Pomeranian guests will also have an exhibition of works by Georgian, Ukrainian and Belarusian artists and a concert. Various MEPs from Poland and other European Union countries organize similar visits and conferences.

The program included a visit to Brussels and Bruges, a meeting with Anna Fotyga and participation in conferences at the invitation of the MEP, as well as an exhibition and a concert.

It is an opportunity for the trip participants to visit the capital of Belgium and learn the secrets of the work of MEPs. 

 Especially some younger participants travelled for the first time and shared their experiences which are mentioned below:

  • “I am delighted. The views and architecture are really beautiful. I’ve been to Belgium before but haven’t had a chance to visit the European Parliament yet, said one of the participants.”
  • “People have a very positive attitude towards tourists, and if it weren’t for this trip, I wouldn’t be in such a place because of the costs,” added another participant.
  • “I would like to verify what I watched on TV. How does it work in Parliament? Especially that we watch television reports and reports, and now we will have the opportunity to be here in person, explained one of the guests.

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