Greece: Alexis Tsipras gets acquainted with Just Go Zero Program in Tilos

Greece: The Greek Leader of Opposition, Alexis Tsipras, visited Tilos, where he got acquainted with the Just Go Zero Pilot Program, which collects and manages the waste in a fully circular way in order to eliminate its environmental footprint, such that no waste ends up in landfills and dumps.

The Greek opposition leader was really impressed with this waste management initiative and its successful execution, calling it an exemplary initiative for the entire country.


 As Alexis Tsipras stated– “In Tilos, I had the opportunity to see up close how the just go zero pilot program works at the island’s circular Innovation Center. And I was impressed. If you find some time, I would suggest you watch the accompanying video about how miracles are in our hands.

Through this unique recycling program, the residents of Tilos have reduced non-recyclable materials to 13%. The island’s landfill was finally closed, and the area again became part of the natural beauty of the island.

There are no bins on the island as the fundamental separation is at the source. In every home and business.All kinds of recyclable material – plastic or paper or glass, or aluminium – in one basket. The organic (food scraps) to another. The rest, non-recyclable in a third smaller basket. And every other day, employees of the program come to your place to collect them.

Where the landfill used to be and smelled for miles, now everything is spotless. Recyclable wastes are simply collected and utilized according to the circular economy principles by composting, recycling and reusing.

The key to all this is people’s awareness and everyone’s participation in the process; Of residents, visitors, and employees, going door to door, door to door, explaining the residents about the process, and solving all their questions.

The “third age” is pioneering in recycling and participates with great enthusiasm. Students and families have set the goal of zero waste in the natural environment in their daily lives.


In the small community of Tilos, I saw and recorded a small miracle: The reduction of waste by almost 90%, with a process that promises a lot and on a larger scale, in our cities, in our country. In the small society of Tilos, I saw a practical example of the Greece we want, the homeland we deserve.”

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