Autumn wave of COVID-19 continues to increase in Belgium, records over 100 cases

The autumn wave of COVID-19 infections is continuing to increase all over Belgium as the number of new cases in Belgium.

About 1,300 Covid-19 patients hospitalized in Belgium

An average of 94.3 patients suffering from the COVID infection were admitted to the local Belgium hospitals daily in the previous seven days.

Belgium: 42% patients suffering from COVID admitted to hospitals, says reports

An average of 83.3 patients suffering from COVID were admitted to hospitals per day, in the previous seven days, in Belgium.

Belgium: 400,000 people receives their autumn booster dose

About 400,000 people have already received their autumn booster dose during the autumn vaccination campaign against COVID-19 in Belgium.

Brussels: Significant surge in COVID cases raises need for further research

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently performed modelling that demonstrated a large rise in the number of people in Brussels, Europe.

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