Germany and European Union race to address energy crisis

Germany will step up, leading to energy firms at risk of being crushed by increasing gas prices, it mentioned in the statement on Tuesday.

Belgium witnesses decrease in hospitalisations related to COVID cases

Average of 1,481 new daily infections were identified between August 27 and September 2, decreased by 4 percent seven days in Belgium.

Belgium records less than 1500 COVID infection every day

Less than 1,500 cases of COVID-19 infections are reported per day in Belgium, in average of 1,470 new daily infections were identified.

WHO highlights ‘encouraging early signals’ of a slowdown in monkeypox outbreak

The World Health Organization-WHO European Regional Office has noted "encouraging early signals" of a slowdown in the monkeypox outbreak.

Belgium researchers outline true cause of deadly fungal infection

More than 15 percent of patients in intensive care with the flu or COVID-19 develop aspergillosis, a lung fungal infection, in Belgium.

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