EPM José Manuel Fernandes attends two-day Green Gas Mobility Summit in Madrid

Madrid, Spain: José Manuel Fernandes, the Portuguese journalist and Member of the European Parliament, informed through his social media account that yesterday he attended the two-day Green Gas Mobility Summit in Madrid.

He was invited by Gasnam – Neutral Transport to participate in the welcome panel of the Green Gas Mobility Summit, which took place yesterday and today in Madrid, Spain.

Fernandes emphasized that the EU established environmental transition as a political priority and defined ambitious challenges to combat climate change. He mentioned that the continent needs gradualism and involvement of citizens and territories to achieve community goals.

During the summit, the EU Parliament member highlighted that renewable gases play a key role in achieving a low-carbon economy. Both natural gas and biomethane are crucial transition energies, reducing the use of more polluting fossil fuels.

The Portuguese journalist also remarked that EU countries need to reduce their dependence on Russian fuels. That’s why the union created the mechanism ‘REPowerEU plan’ to end the dependency on Russian oil until 2030 in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

He encouraged other EU countries and their citizens to reduce their dependency on fossil fuels and use green energy resources to make the EU clean and green until 2030.

Fernandes also informed that during the Green Gas Mobility Summit, the European Parliament and Council have reached an agreement on the creation of the Social Climate Fund. This fund will have a maximum grant of 65 billion euros and aims to support families and small businesses affected by energy and mobility poverty.


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