Sweden recommends fourth COVID-19 vaccine for elder people

In Sweden, on Monday, the authorities have recommended the fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccination for people that are over the age of 80 as well as the people who are living in nursing homes, health care centres and required home care.

As per the information provided by the authorities, Sweden is advising the fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccination to individuals of the age 80 and over. There should be four months duration between the shots; there should be no early than four months after the previous vaccination shot.

The Scandinavian country’s chief epidemiologist named Anders Tegnell mentioned in a Swedish Public Health Agency statement that the fourth dose, “Strengthens the Protection,” against severe infection. It helps in defeating the condition and provides protection against the disease.

However, for the majority of the pandemic, Sweden is included in the European nation, which has represented the hands-off response.

It never went into lockdown or have not closed and business all the people were responsible for controlling the infections. The deaths related to the COVID-19 variant were high compared to the other Nordic countries.

Furthermore, the health authorities in the neighbouring country of Denmark announced at the beginning of this month that they were “winding down” the country’s COVID-19 vaccination programme in the spring and saw no reason to give a booster dose to children or the fourth shot to any more citizens at risk of extreme COVID-19.

Furthermore, in January, the Danish government mentioned it had provided a fourth vaccine dose to older adults and the other vulnerable residents due to which concerned about the gradual increase of the variant of Omicron is milder as compared to the last variant as well as there has not been pressure on the health care systems.

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