Belgium’s new passports are more secure with new personalisation techniques: Wilmes

In Belgium, on January 27, 2022, the nation has launched its new passport, and it is the most fun passport all over the world, including favourite cartoon characters printed on it and has featured Tintin and Smurfs.

Moreover, the European Nation has tried to make notable changes in the travel document, incorporating comic book characters such as Tintin and Smurfs in the passport design.

The new design of the passport pays tribute to the various iconic comic books such as The Adventures of Tintin, Lucky Luke, Mortimer, Willy and Wanda, The Smurfs, among others.

As per the Government of Belgium, the unique design of the new passport is safest as it is harder to make the duplicate of it.

It has been reported that it is the most incredible passport worldwide, and it has been said that it is the most fun. The passports have been provided to the individuals from February 7, 2022.

The Foreign Minister of Belgium named Sophie Wilmès mentioned in a statement that the new passports are ever more protected and come with new personalisation techniques.

Furthermore, she added, the passports will be “Recognizable thanks to its original design, which honours one of the jewels of our culture, including heroines and heroes of comic strips.”

Furthermore, the minister appreciated the publishers, authors and right holders of these comic characters who have given their participation to the project and has been resulted in all-new fun as well as a cool passport.

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