Belgium relaxes travelling protocols on COVID-19 from Friday

In Belgium, on 18 February Friday, the colour code for the travellers will no longer be required, but the status of the vaccination, test and the recovery period for the will be necessary.

According to the representative for Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke, Friday, the majority of the travellers getting access in Belgium must provide proof of a valid COVID-19 vaccination, test, or data related to recovery, regardless of where have been arrived from.

Moreover, this applies to the travellers to get the entry in Belgium with the help of EU/Schengen nations and those that are coming from non-EU countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States or Japan, Vandenbroucke mentioned at the Consultative Committee press gathering in the previous Friday.

He further said, “We will look at how individuals have protected themselves instead of where they come from. That indicates that we will no longer perform with the colour codes, as well as we will no longer observe at whether you are from a European nation or not.”

Meanwhile, the non-vaccinated individuals coming from a non-EU nation can only get access in Belgium for the necessary travelling, not as a tourist, and only if they can present a valid recovery certificate or the recent negative test result.

However, the people from the nation on the list of very high-risk countries will still not be allowed to enter Belgian territory for at least 14 days.

Currently, there are no countries on this list. The European Commission has recently declared that the traveller’s vaccination certificate will soon only remain valid for 270 days for almost nine months without a booster dose.

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