Side effects of not eating bananas!

As the reports suggests, bananas are the most inexpensive, portable, and delicious way to fill up and add essential nutrients. Notably, they are fill up the diet with the potassium, magnesium, and vitamin C.  No matter if they are blended into a smoothie or peeling one as a post-workout snack, they work best for the body. However, the people who cut this tasty fruit out of the diet as part of a low-carb diet, may experience few surprising health changes.

Low immune system!

Notably, bananas whether they are unripe or ripe are an excellent source of resistant starch. Significantly, resistant starch offers a pre biotic effect. Thus, this means that it feeds the healthy bacteria in your digestive tract. However, if  bananas are avoided from the diet, an individual can deprive the beneficial gut bacteria of the food they need to proliferate.

Hunger Cravings!

It is just simple to cut the bananas from the diet to lose weight. However, this  may actually have the reverse effect. As per the research published in 2017, the Journal of Functional Foods states that the consumption of the resistant starch from unripe banana flour before meals resulted in a 14% decrease in subsequent caloric intake.

Issue of high blood pressure!

Evidently, if you feel to keep your blood  pressure in a healthy range. Then, you may definitely keep potassium-rich bananas on the menu. The 2005 study, published in the journal stated that the hypertension founds that foods rich in potassium were likely to have a similar blood pressure-lowering effect as potassium chloride, a supplement frequently used to lower blood pressure.

More risk for stroke!

The problem of high blood pressure is a high risk factor for stroke. Thus, cutting off the potassium-rich foods especially like bananas, from the diet directly sends those numbers into dangerous territory. The 2013 review of meta-analyses published in the BMJ states that the people who had higher potassium intakes reduced their risk of stroke by as much as 24 percent. Thus, they must not give up on the bananas from their meal plan just yet.





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