See Belgium from it’s vibrant culture, local artists

“THE WORLD IS MY CANVAS” is a famous Street Art quote which is applicable to Greek and cities in Belgium that host impressive paintings made by renowned local artists. Their paintings very often are an expression of what is happening in our current lives in society.

Since there are many mural art pieces in Athens, the embassy created a team-building exercise around this topic and took the streets last Monday together with the colleagues of FIT and AWEX/Brussels Hub.

At first, a tour guide showed us the most iconic places in the Gazi & Psirri area and highlighted the works of famous Greek artists such as Ino, Achilles and Byron.

It was a great opportunity to get to know more about the local Street Art scene and to discover some charming unfamiliar areas in Psirri.

After having contemplated the impressive works and learned about the street art painting techniques, such as the use of spray cans, paint brushes, posters and stencils, we ended this captivating day by making our own creations… !

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