Popular Limburg Tiktokker detains in connection with pushing teenage girls into prostitution

A popular Limburg Tiktokker, “Glen Van Ranst”, who had amassed an online following of around sixty-six thousand followers on the application have been apprehended in connection with pushing teenage girls into prostitution, as per the sources.

On September 21, the details emerged about the case levelled against the online influence, and the suspect had recently been in prison on suspicion of serious offences involving sexual offences with minors.

Moreover, as per the prosecutors, Glen is reported to have contacted young girls, manipulated them, as well as subsequently driven them into having a physical relationship with the man older in age for money.

The accused is now charged with human trafficking, rape, and incitement to prostitution. About two victims were reported to have only recently come of age.

Along with this, it is still not clear whether the suspect intends to pledge guilty to the charges. Meanwhile, the investigating judge has already detained Glen.

The online influencer already had an extensive criminal history. The 29-year-old had previously been convicted of dealing hard drugs, notably cannabis, GHB and amphetamine, for which he served a 12- month prison sentence.

Previously, Glen Van Ranst was convicted of beating up as well as robbing a pub-goer who had won money on a slot machine.

Glen stated in one of his previous vlogs, “My youth did not turn out the way it was supposed to, but I am glad I ended up well.”

Furthermore, with these latest criminal charges, it would seem that the career of the online influencer is definitely over. The authorities have taken down all his social media accounts except Tiktok, which has since been shut down.










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