Netherlands: Six people died, several injured after lorry drove off road in large neighbourhood

Netherlands, Europe: About six people have died, and several people were injured in an accident. On Saturday evening, a man drove off a lorry which dike and slammed into a large neighbourhood barbecue on the Zuidzijdsedijk near Rotterdam.

On Saturday evening at about 18:00, a lorry drove off the Zuidzijdsedijk in Nieuw-Beijerland. It went down a slope onto a patch of land where a large neighbourhood barbecue was in progress, as can be seen on a video which was shared by the sources. That lorry hit various people in the process.

The Dutch police mentioned in the statement on Saturday night, “There are several dead and several wounded. The investigation is still in progress, as well as the area has been cordoned off, and the lorry will be impounded later for investigation.”

Till now, the maximum number of casualties has not yet been confirmed.

Along with this, the emergency services were quick to arrive, and several victims were immediately taken to a nearby health care centre. The driver was also arrested on the spot and immediately transferred to a police station.

The police mentioned in the statement, “It concerns a 46-year-old man from Spain. He has been arrested for involvement in the incident, and his role is being investigated. For the time being, we are keeping all scenarios about the circumstances open.”

Furthermore, victim support was called in for assistance while emergency accommodation was arranged for people attending the barbecue.

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