Netherlands: Baby Dies at jam-packed Tel Apel Asylum Centre

A three-month-old child living at the asylum centre of Village in the Netherlands-Tel Apel died because of overcrowding. The Dutch authorities pronounced him dead.

The health officials provided the child with all of the necessary aid.

Dutch Justice Department mentioned in the statement, “Little is known about the baby’s death, but the first aid given failed to reanimate the child. Youth Care and Justice Department inspectors are probing the infant’s death, which happened at a sports hall used as an emergency shelter.”

Along with this, the sad news followed reports that asylum seekers at Tel Apel village were living in ‘inhumane conditions’ as the Doctors Without Borders (MSF) pointed out after 700 individuals were reported to have slept in open skies because of the occupancy at this facility.

The Central Asylum Organisation in the Netherlands (COA), on the other hand, mentioned that it was deeply shocked about this event, as reports and calls by human rights organizations for improving the living conditions in the centre fell on deaf ears for months.

In the previous time, it was reported that the Council of Refugees had announced it would sue the Dutch government for the poor living condition in this centre after warning of the lawsuit for a year.

In addition, the organization noted on social media, “Today, we are going to court for a solution to this reception crisis. Hundreds of asylum seekers slept on the streets again last night.”

In order to reduce congestion, which is killing some of the refugees who fled their home countries in search of a better life, Groningen’s mayor, Koen Schuiling, has urged other towns to accept some of these asylum seekers.

The mayor stated that he would work to find other places to house the migrants, but these plans have run into opposition from the locals, who have organized protests against this action, claiming they were not given a say in the matter.

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