Police unions issues strike threat on Friday August 26 at Brussels airport

Brussels, Belgium: About four police unions are threatening a walkout on Friday, August 26, as per the spokesperson Joery Dehaes of ACV police officials.

Dehaes mentioned in the statement, “The workload is so high that the inspectors can no longer sleep at night after their shift,” who also added that the unions have already asked Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden (CD&V) to remove a savings plan for the areas in question because it would jeopardize security.

He further stated, “We had hoped that people would open their eyes, but we were told that the Council of Ministers has made the decision and that they will stick to it.”

In the written announcement, the unions asserted that the night shift in Zaventem should be abolished because of the working conditions. The inspectors must work long shifts of about 10 hours.

“Inspectors have to work in the control boxes for 8 hours without a break. The workload is so high that the inspectors can no longer sleep at night after their shift. Some inspectors drive home crying, and someone is in intensive care after a heart failure,” expressed Dehaes.

Along with this, the unions are activating a strike notice for all of the Belgium airports where ACV police are active. The notice is set for the period from Friday, August 26, to Sunday, September 4. The unions have yet to decide which actions to follow through with, although they are also considering taking legal action.

In addition, the trade unions believe there are risks in simply cancelling shifts, especially at the smaller airports. Dehaes emphasized, “You simply cannot carry out certain assignments with just two or three agents.”


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