Philanthropist Angela Nwosu launches range of new products

A Philanthropist and Practical Spiritualist, Angela Nwosu from Nnewi, Nigeria introduced her controversial self and products again, as new people kept joining them on a regular basis. 

She highlighted in the post, “I am that Angela Nwosu that is the Trend and Clout. The name of all names on Facebook, Nigeria. Apart from the numerous Rituals I do, these are the works of my hands, my best sellers’ Spiritual products that are blessed, super effective and successful. Read till the end.”

Read here the list of products Angela Nwosu launched: 

1. Fortified protection amulets Bracelets for men & women; 30k. 

2. The waistbead is 50k for men & women

3. Black obsidian bracelet; 40k for positive attractions, good fortune, wards off evil spirits, Aura cleansing, etc. 

4. Spiritual body scrub is 50k

5. The 5in1 spiritual body scrub is 100k

6. Liberation soap is 50k

7. Colored obsidian bracelet 40k

8. Obsidian waistband 50k

9. Original Tiger eyes bracelets, 75k. (Supercharged For abundance, vitality, love, attractions, etc.)

 10. Business oil for sales enhancement; 40k

The spiritual body scrub is used to get rid of the negative energies that have attached themselves to your being and Aura (or any sort of harmful workings someone has placed on you)

The amazing thing about the scrub is that it covers a lot of areas. 

Below is the list of the 5-in-1 scrub of 100k

  • Active Aura cleanse
  • Breaking of curses
  • General spiritual cleanse; to remove bitterness & hatred
  • For abortion cleanse
  • To look appealing, attracting positively/self-love

Aura is the distinctive energy vibration that surrounds and is generated by a person. It’s an essential part of you. Your emotion, mental and spirit level, from an energy field around the body. Your Aura can be darkness or light. Negative or positive. Good or bad. 

If your Aura is so dark or negative, where people go to succeed, you go there to fail. A spiritual body scrub will completely cleanse your Aura to make you look appealing, spiritually & physically. We were all born with sparkling auras, but a lot of things can smear your Aura as you get older. 

The scrub is good and harmless for all skin types and ages. The materials are percent natural, the oil extract is pure, and the honey is original. 


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